The conference handbook can be downloaded from here. The programme is below. A pdf copy is available here. This may be subject to change

Monday 23rd November

8.30 am Check In Desk Open
Opening Session, AM102 (Chair, Rebecca Priestley)
9.00 am Welcome: Piri Sciascia (Victoria University of Wellington)
9.10 am Keynote: Prof. Naomi Oreskes (Harvard University)
Why History Matters – Perspectives from the Recent History of Science
10.10 am Dr. Dan Hikuroa (Ngā Pae o te Māramatanga/Te Pūnaha Matatini)
Te Whakapapa o Putaiao Kei Aotearoa – The History of Science in New Zealand
10.30 am Morning Tea
Session Aspects of New Zealand Science, AM102 (Chair, Conal McCarthy)
10.50 am Dr. Simon Nathan (GNS Science)
James Hector – The Hurricane Years
11.20 am Dr. Rebecca Rice (Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa)
Conversazione at the Curiosity Shop
11.40 am Athol McCredie (Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa)
Augustus Hamilton – Creating a Visual Database
12.00 pm Dr. Wayne Barrar (Massey University)
'Delectable deposits' – Tracing the Oamaru Diatoms
12.20 pm Lunch – Poster Presenters Available From 12.50 pm
Session 19th Century Science & Scientists, AM102 (Chair, Dan Hikuroa) General, LB118
(Chair, Cameron Smart)
1.20 pm Dr. Ruth Barton (University of Auckland)
'Not Merely a Scientific Society' – The Character of Colonial Science, as revealed by the TPNZI
Dr Octavia Cade (University of Otago)
New Zealand Restoration of Antarctic Huts – Hillary, Heritage, and the Most Distant Museums in the World
1.40 pm Dr. Sascha Nolden
(Alexander Turnbull Library)
Sir Julius von Haast's Contribution to New Zealand Science – Expanding Horizons, Networking, Ambition and Controversy
Dr. Janine Cook
(Victoria University of Wellington)
Nature Study and General Biology in New Zealand State Primary and Secondary Schools, 1900-1960 – An Overview
2.00 pm Dr. Paul Scofield
(Canterbury Museum)
William Earl (1811-1846) and the European Discovery of Moa in the South Island
Prof. Jean Fleming
(University of Otago)
The Story of Science Outreach at the University of Otago
2.20 pm Prof. Michael Roche
(Massey University)
'A Controversy Which can Hardly be Pleasantly Conducted' – J.T. Thomson, James Hector and the Reckoning Longitude in New Zealand
Dr. Katrina Ford (University of Waikato)
The Science of Milk – Pure vs Pasteurised in the Early Twentieth Century
2.40 pm Martin Bush
(Swinburne University of Technology)
William Whitehouse Collins and the Deployment of Astronomy in New Zealand Freethought
Dr. Pauline Harris
(Victoria University of Wellington/ Society for Māori Astronomy research and traditions)
Revitalising Traditional Māori Astronomical Knowledge
3.00 pm Afternoon Tea
Session 19th Century Science & Scientists Cont'd, AM102 (Chair, Simon Nathan) Weather, Radar & Astronomy, LB118
(Chair, Jim McAloon)
3.20 pm Ass. Prof. Daphne Lee
(University of Otago)
James Hector's First 3 Months as Otago Provincial Geologist (April – July 1862) – Geological Observations, Discoveries and Puzzles
Erick Brenstrum (MetService)
History of Weather and Forecasting in New Zealand
3.40 pm Chris Paulin (fishHook publications)
Sir James Hector's Investigation of Northland Mullet
Dr. Matt Henry (Massey University)
Meteorology's Instruments – Radiosondes, Weather Balloons and the Making of a New Atmosphere
4.00 pm Prof. Linda Tyler
(University of Auckland)
Botanical Battles – John Buchanan and Thomas Kirk as Illustrators in Hector's Herbarium
Prof. John Hearnshaw
(University of Canterbury)
Mt John University Observatory at Fifty Years
4.20 pm Emma Zuroski (University of Auckland)
HMS Challenger – The Colonial Localities of a Scientific Circumnavigation
Cameron Smart
(Wavefront Engineering Limited)
New Zealand's Radar Story
4.40 pm Dr. Hēmi Whaanga and Dr. Priscilla Wehi (University of Waikato/University of Otago)
He Rongo i te Reo Rauriki, i te Reo Reiuru – Discourse Analysis and Conversations of Historical Conservation in New Zealand Newspapers
Prof. Wayne Orchiston and Prof. John Hearnshaw (National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand/ University of Canterbury)
From Bickerton to Bateson – The Challenge to Establish Astrophysics in New Zealand
5.00 pm Scientific Sessions Finish
6.30 pm – 10.30 pm Conference Dinner

Tuesday 24th November

8.30 am Check In Desk Open
Session 20th Century Perspectives, AM102 (Chair, Anthony Scott)
9.00 am Dr. Rebecca Priestley (Victoria University of Wellington/Te Pūnaha Matatini)
'A Place Among Immortals' – Ernest Marsden and His 20th Century Scientific Networks
9.30 am Prof. Jean Fleming (University of Otago)
A Brief History of Science Communication in New Zealand
9.50 am Kate Hannah (Te Pūnaha Matatini)
From Rutherford's Sister (or 'the two Lucies') to Nanogirl – Deconstructing narratives of female invisibility and hypervisibility in 150 years of New Zealand science
10.10 am Dr. Ross Galbreath
DSIR – The Evolution of a New Zealand Department of Science 1916 to 1992
10.30 am Dr. John Campbell (University of Canterbury)
The Fight to Resurrect Rutherford's Mana in New Zealand
10.50 am Morning Tea
Session 19th Century Science & Scientists, AM102 (Chair, Rebecca Rice) DSIR & 20th Century Science, CO119
(Chair, Erick Brenstrum)
11.10 am Dr. James Braund
(University of Auckland)
T.F. Cheeseman – The Quiet Captain of Nineteenth-Century New Zealand Science
Prof. Ian Warrington
(Massey University)
The DSIR Climate Laboratory
11.30 am Owen Hughes
Philip Lutely Sclater, Forgotten Victorian Man of Science and his New Zealand Connections
Prof. John Hearnshaw
(University of Canterbury)
DSIR's Industrial Psychology Division 1942-54
11.50 am Dr. Vaughan Wood
(University of Canterbury)
William Grayling: an Early Consulting Chemist in the Antipodes
Dr Fred Davey
(GNS Science)
Geophysics Division, DSIR, and its Antecedents: 1864-1990
12.10 pm Dr. Pamela Hyde
Between 'starving and living' – Swiss Naturalist, Henry Suter's Pursuit of a Scientific Career in 19th and Early 20th Century New Zealand
Dr. Keith Lewis (formerly NZOI/NIWA)
The New Zealand Oceanographic Institute, DSIR – Small Team, Multidisciplinary Exploration from Lagoon to Pack Ice
12.30 am Lunch
Session Panel Discussion, AM102 (Chair, TBC)
1.30 pm Panel Discussion: The lessons of history for the future of science Panel includes: Prof. David Frame (Victoria University of Wellington), Dr. Dan Hikuroa (Ngā Pae o te Māramatanga, Te Pūnaha Matatini), Dr. Jim McAloon (Victoria University of Wellington), Prof. Naomi Oreskes (Harvard University)
Session 19th Century Science & Scientists Cont'd, AM102 (Chair, Sydney Shep) DSIR & MISC, CO119
(Chair, Keith Lewis)
2.30 pm Dr. Rosi Crane (Otago Museum)
Show and Tell – Late-Nineteenth Century Science in Dunedin
Keith Willett
(Victoria University of Wellington)
Four Mile Man – Dr Richard (Dick) Wright Willett
2.50 pm Moira White (Otago Museum)
Balancing the record – Jennings, Gibson and Goodlet
Geoff Gregory (formerly DSIR)
Service to Science – History of the New Zealand Association of Scientists
3.10 pm Dr. Elizabeth Pishief
From Scientific Specimen to Māori art – the Agency of Things, and the Social, Political, and Ethnographic Effects of the Collecting Activities of Augustus Hamilton
Catherine Hodder and Dr. Peter Hodder (HodderBalog Social and Scientific Research/University of Wellington)
Sydney Street West – a First Place for Science in Wellington
3.30 pm Afternoon Tea
Session Looking Forward, AM102 (Chair, Rosi Crane)
3.50 pm Tanya Zoe Robinson (Deakin University)
'All intelligent subjects' – Presenting Scientific Collecting and Identity at the Hawke's Bay Philosophical Institute Museum, 1865-1899
4.10 pm Dr. Ian St George (Independent)
Icones Colensoi – Portrayals of William Colenso
4.30 pm Dr. John Martin (Historian for the Royal Society of New Zealand)
Science and Species of Politicians in the 19th Century – Monkeys or Bullfrogs?
4.50 pm Closing Remarks, Conference Finishes